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Contact Information

TitleResearch Assistant Professor
Faculty RankResearch Assistant Professor
Address622 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-3491
  • fax: 402-472-2946
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My Story

Research Interests:

My name is Jane Okalebo and I am a research assistant professor at the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Go Huskers!

My principle career objective is to contribute to sustainable environmental management.
I am interested in utilizing remote sensing and Geographical Information Systems - together with advanced technology - to address the climatic and environmental challenges of the 21st Century.


During my undergraduate studies in agricultural engineering, my dissertation study involved sub-surface irrigation of French beans using saline water in a controlled environment. The sub-irrigation was conducted using porous pots of varied porosity and hydro-conductivity. In 1999, I completed a graduate degree in soil science at the University of Reading, UK. My dissertation topic examined hydrological properties of various porous pots, two different soils and their interactive effect on sub-surface soil wetting patterns.

My interests in natural resources - and especially water, light and nutrients - led me to yet more interesting research. In 2002, I was admitted at the University of Toronto, Canada and attained a master's degree in forestry. My research project was entitled "Utilizing Tabu Search, an optimization search algorithm for optimization of Grevillea robusta agroforestry systems." With the aid of a WaNuLCAS (Water, Nutrient, Light Capture in Agroforestry Systems) simulation model, and the Tabu Search algorithm (implemented using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0), decisions about tree spacing and duration of tree growth were recommended for maximized agroforestry management for specified locations in Kenya, Africa.

I joined the University of Nebraska- Lincoln in 2005 where I studied competition between weeds and crops. I worked on Fusarium lateritium and its contribution to biological soil suppressiveness of a soil in eastern Nebraska to velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti).

Hobbies: networking, volunteering at the local public schools, cooking, singing and reading.

Selected Publications

Zhou, X., Gao, T., Takle, E.S., Zhen, X., Suyker, A.E., Awada, T., Okalebo, J., Zhu, J. 2021. Air Temperature Equation Derived from Sonic Temperature and Water Vapor Mixing Ratio for Air Flow Sampled Through Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance Flux Systems. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions. https://doi.org/10.5194/amt-2021-160 :1-31.Online
Bumann, E., Awada T., Wardlow B., Hayes M., Okalebo J., Helzer C., Mazis A., J. Hiller J., and Cherubini, P. 2019. Assessing Responses of Betula papyrifera to Climate Variability in a Remnant Population along the Niobrara River Valley in Nebraska through Online
Msanne, J., Awada, T. N., Bryan, N., Schacht, W., Drijber, R., Li, Y., Zhou, X., Okalebo, J., Wedin, D. A., Brandle, J. R., Hiller, J. (2017). Ecophysiological responses of native invasive woody Juniperus virginiana L. to resource availability and stand cOnline
Msanne, J., Awada, T. N., Schacht, W., Drijber, R., Okalebo, J., Wedin, D. A., Brandle, J. R. 2017. Ecophysiological control of native invasive woody Juniperus virginiana to resource availability and stand characteristics in the semi-arid grasslands of thOnline
Msanne, J., Awada, T., Bryan, N.M., Schacht, W., Drijber, R. Li, Y., Zhou, X., Okalebo, J., Wedin, D., Brandle, J., Hiller, J. 2017. Ecophysiological Responses of Native Invasive Woody Juniperus Virginiana L. to Resource Availability and Stand CharacterisOnline
Okalebo, J., Oglesby, R. J., Feng, S., Hubbard, K., Kilic, A., Hayes, M. J., Hayes, C. 2016. An Evaluation of the Community Land Model (Version 3.5) and Noah Land Surface Models for Temperature and Precipitation Over Nebraska (Central Great Plains): ImpliOnline
Allen, R.G., Kilic, A., Suyker, A., Okalebo, J.A. 2015. Fitting measured evapotranspiration data to the FAO56 dual crop coefficient method. 2015 ASABE/IA Irrigation Symposium: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Irrigation Proceedings of the 10-12 November 2015 Symposium, Long Beach, California USA Published by ASABE St. Joseph, Michigan, USA Publication date November 10, 2015 ASABE Publication No. 701P0415Online
Bihmidine, S., Bryan, N.M., Payne, K.R., Parde, M.R., Okalebo, J.A., Cooperstein, S.E., and Awada, T. 2010. Photosynthetic performance of invasive Pinus ponderosa and Juniperus virginiana seedlings under gradual soil water depletion. Plant Biology. 12: 66Online





SNR Program Areas

  • Applied Climate and Spatial Science


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Grant TitlePPE Treatment, Disposal and Mgt.
Starting Date01/29/2021


Ending Date12/31/2021
Funding Level$7,800.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Department of Environment and Energy


Grant Title2016 Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture
Starting Date05/01/2016


Ending Date05/03/2016
Funding Level$500.00
Funding AgencyIANR Travel Funds