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Contact Information

TitleGroundwater Hydrologist
Faculty RankAssociate Professor
Address603 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-470-1741
  • fax: 402-472-2946
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Contact Preference

e-mail or stop by my office (603 Hardin Hall)

Office Hours

stop by any time (603 Hardin Hall) or e-mail to arrange a meeting in 107 Chase Hall (BSE)

Selected Publications

Petre, M.A., Genereux, D.P., Koropeckyi-Cox, L., Knappe, D.R.U., Duboscq, S., Gilmore, T.E., Hopkins, Z.R. 2021. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Transport from Groundwater to Streams Near a PFAS Manufacturing Facility in North Caroline, USA. Environmental Science & Technology. 55:5848-5856.Online
Abimbola, O. P., Mittelstet, A., Gilmore, T., Korus, J. (2020). Influence of watershed characteristics on streambed hydraulic conductivity across multiple stream orders. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 3696.
Abimbola, O., Mittelstet, A., Gilmore, T. (2020). Geostatistical features of streambed vertical hydraulic conductivities in Frenchman Creek Watershed in Western Nebraska. HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 34(16), 3481-3491.Online
Cherry, M., Gilmore, T., Mittelstet, A., Gastmans, D., Santos, V., Gates, J. (2020). Recharge seasonality based on stable isotopes: Nongrowing season bias altered by irrigation in Nebraska. HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 34(7), 1575-1586. Online
Korus, J., Fraundorfer, W. P., Gilmore, T., Karnik, K. (2020). Transient streambed hydraulic conductivity in channel and bar environments, Loup River, Nebraska. HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES, 34(14), 3061-3077. Online
Solomon, D. K., Humphrey, E., Gilmore, T., Genereux, D. P., Zlotnik, V. (2020). An Automated Seepage Meter for Streams and Lakes. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 56(4).Online
Cherry, M., Gilmore, T.E., Mittelstet, A.R., Gastmans, D., Gates, J. 2019. Isotopic Composition of Groundwater and Precipitation in Nebraska, USA. XX Congresso Brasileiro de Aguas Subterraneas. pg. 1-4.Online
Gilmore, T., Johnson, M., Korus, J., Mittelstet, A., Briggs, M. A., Zlotnik, V., Corcoran, S. 2019. Streambed Flux Measurement Informed by Distributed Temperature Sensing Leads to a Significantly Different Characterization of Groundwater Discharge. Water.Online
Gilmore, T., Korus, J., Pennisi, L., Martin, D. L., Pekarek, K. 2019. Needs Assessment: Watershed Science for Water Resources Directors. Journal of Extension. 57(4).Online
Gilmore, T., Zlotnik, V., Johnson, M. 2019. Recognition of Regional Water Table Patterns for Estimating Recharge Rates in Shallow Aquifers. Groundwater. 57(3):443--454.Online
Kirchheim, R. E., Gastmans, D., Chang, H. K., Gilmore, T. 2019. The use of isotopes in evolving groundwater circulation models of regional continental aquifers: The case of the Guarani Aquifer System. Hydrological Processes, 33(17):2266-2278.Online
Mittelstet, A., Gilmore, T., Messer, T., Rudnick, D., Heatherly, T. 2019. Evaluation of selected watershed characteristics to identify best management practices to reduce Nebraskan nitrate loads from Nebraska to the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River basin. AgOnline
Mittelstet, A., Gilmore, T., Messer, T., Rudnick, D., Heatherly, T. 2019. Evaluation of Selected Watershed Characteristics to Identify Best Management Practices to Reduce Nebraskan Nitrate Loads from Nebraska to the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin. AgOnline
Pennisi, L., Gilmore, T., Gilmore, T. E., Korus, J., Pennisi, L., Martin, D., Pekarek, K. 2019. Needs Assessment: Watershed Science for Water-Resources Directors. Journal of Extension. 57(4).Online
Gilmore, T., Zlotnik, V., Johnson, M. (2018). Recognition of regional water table patterns for estimating groundwater recharge rates. Groundwater.
Wells, M. J., Gilmore, T., Mittelstet, A., Snow, D., Sibray, S. (2018). Assessing Decadal Trends of a Nitrate-Contaminated Shallow Aquifer in Western Nebraska Using Groundwater Isotopes, Age-Dating, and Monitoring. WATER, 10(8).
Korus, J.T., Gilmore, T.E., Waszgis, M.M., Mittelstet, A.R. 2017. Unit-bar migration and bar-trough deposition: impacts on hydraulic conductivity and grain size heterogeneity in a sandy streambed. Hydrogeology Journal, V26 (2), 553-564 p.Online
Gilmore, T. E., Genereux, D. P., Solomon, D. K., Solder, J. E., Kimball, B. A., Mitasova, H., Birgand., F. 2016. Quantifying the fate of agricultural nitrogen in an unconfined aquifer: stream-based observations at three different scales. Water Resources ROnline
Gilmore, T., Genereux, D. P., Solomon, D. K., Farrell, K. M., Mitasova, H. 2016. Aquifer nitrate legacy and dynamics observed through groundwater sampling in streambeds and well nests. Water Resources Research.
Gilmore, T., Genereux, D. P., Solomon, D. K., Solder, J. E. 2016. Groundwater transit time distribution and mean from streambed sampling in an agricultural coastal plain watershed, North Carolina, USA. Water Resources Research. 52: 2025–2044.Online
Gilmore, T.E., D.P. Genereux, D.K. Solomon, K.M. Farrell, H. Mitasova. 2016. Aquifer nitrate budget and future fluxes estimated through groundwater sampling in streambeds and well nests. Water Resources Research. 52: 9046-9065.Online
Heilweil, V. M., Solomon D.K., Darrah, T. H., Gilmore T.E., and Genereux, D.P. 2016. Gas-Tracer Experiment for Evaluating the Fate of Methane in a Coastal Plain Stream: Degassing versus in-Stream Oxidation, Environ. Sci. Technol., 50(19), 10504-10511,
Heilweil, V. M., Solomon, D. K., Darrah, T. H., Gilmore, T., Genereux, D. P. 2016. A gas-tracer injection for evaluating the fate of stream methane: Atmospheric loss versus oxidation. Environmental Science and Technology.50: 10504-10511.Online
Solder, J.E., T.E Gilmore, D. Genereux, D.K. Solomon. 2015. Development and testing of a tube seepage meter for in-situ measurement of specific discharge and hydraulic conductivity in streambeds. Groundwater. gwat.12388.
Solomon, D.K., T.E. Gilmore, J.E Solder, B.A. Kimball, D.P. Genereux. 2015. Evaluating an unconfined aquifer by analysis of age-dating tracers in stream water. Water Resources Research, 51, 8883-8899Online
Gilmore, T.E., F. Birgand and K. Chapman. 2013. Source and magnitude of error in an inexpensive image-based water level measurement system. Journal of Hydrology 496: 178-186.Online



DegreeMajorInstitutionYear Awarded
Doctorate of PhilosophyBiological and Agricultural EngineeringNorth Carolina State University2015
Bachelor of ScienceCivil EngineeringNorth Carolina State University2010





TitleAwarded byYear Awarded
Provost's Graduate FellowshipNorth Carolina State University2011
Fundamentals of Engineering ExamNorth Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors2010
Civil Engineering Dept Citizenship AwardNorth Carolina State University2010
College of Engineering Dean's Graduate FellowshipNorth Carolina State University2010


Professional Organizations

American Geophysical UnionMember (2012-current)
American Society of Biological and Agricultural EngineersMember (2010-current)




SNR Program Areas

  • Environmental Science

Areas of Interest/Expertise

  • Isotope/Tracer Hydrology
  • Agricultural nutrient and water fluxes
  • Groundwater-surface water interactions
  • Groundwater and surface water quantity and quality
  • Methods for monitoring groundwater and surface water
  • Isotopes
  • Water Quality


Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/ 2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/ 2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant TitleDelivery of Watershed Science Education to Decision Makers A Multi-Agency Collaboration
Starting Date04/08/2021


Ending Date06/30/2022
Funding Level$78,601.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Environmental Trust


Grant TitleSurvey of Groundwater Transit Times and Nitrate Delivery to Bazile Creek (Additional Funding)
Starting Date04/08/2020


Ending Date05/31/2021
Funding Level$15,000.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Department of Environment and Energy


Grant TitleGroundwater Transit Time (Additional Funding)
Starting Date07/23/2019


Ending Date05/31/2021
Funding Level$97,532.00
Funding AgencyNational Science Foundation


Grant TitleWatershed Science Education Collaboration
Starting Date05/24/2019


Ending Date06/30/2022
Funding Level$225,204.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Environmental Trust


Grant TitlePFAST - Groundwater Age - North Carolina
Starting Date05/07/2019


Ending Date12/31/2019
Funding Level$16,765.00
Funding AgencyNorth Carolina State University


Grant TitleBazile Creek Nitrate Isotopes
Starting Date04/30/2019


Ending Date08/31/2019
Funding Level$2,081.00
Funding AgencyUpper Elkhorn NRD


Grant TitleUNO-NASA Space Grant: NASA Nebraska Space Grant Fellowship 2018-2019 Flynn
Starting Date08/01/2018


Ending Date02/28/2019
Funding Level$4,000.00
Funding AgencyNational Aeronautics and Space Administration - NE


Grant TitleSurvey of Groundwater Transit Times and Nitrate Delivery to Bazile Creek
Starting Date07/13/2018


Ending Date05/31/2020
Funding Level$15,000.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Department of Economic Quality


Grant TitleHydrologic Monitoring and Assessment of Upper Little Blue River Basin
Starting Date07/01/2018


Ending Date06/30/2021
Funding Level$145,924.00
Funding AgencyTri-Basin NRD


Grant TitleApplication of isotopic tracers to determine water residence times in multi-scale water management
Starting Date08/01/2017


Ending Date07/31/2019
Funding Level$19,983.00
Funding Agency2017 IANR SPRINT


Grant TitleMiddle Republican Hydrogeologic Framework and Groundwater Observation Network (Additional Funding)
Starting Date06/19/2017


Ending Date05/31/2020
Funding Level$70,500.00
Funding AgencyMiddle Republican NRD


Grant TitlePilot Watershed Curriculum
Starting Date12/10/2016


Ending Date12/10/2017
Funding Level$3,000.00
Funding Agency



Graduate Programs

Master of Applied Science

Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences
including specializations in

  • Hydrological Sciences

Doctorate of Philosophy in Natural Resource Sciences
including specializations in

  • Hydrological Sciences