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Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Report 2021

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Recent Publications

Joeckel, R. M., Korus, J. T., Turk, J. K., Arps, C. C., Arps, N. V., Howard, L. M. (2022). Strange stones of Skull Creek: Basalt glacial erratics and omars in eastern Nebraska. Great Plains Research, 32, 1-20. Online
Young, A.R., Burbach, M.E., Howard, L.M., Lackey, S.O., Joeckel R.M., 2021, Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report 2021. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Conservation and Survey Division, Nebraska Water Survey Paper 90, 25 pp. Online
Airori, A. J., Baker, T., Turk, J. (2021). The Impact of Sampling Methodology on Soil Bulk Density Measurement by the Clod Method. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 1-10 Online
Crago, R., Szilagyi, J., Qualls, R. (2021). Comment on “Complementary principle of evaporation: from original linear relationship to generalized nonlinear functions” by S. Han and F. Tian. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25, 63-68. Online
Crago, R.D., Szilagyi, J., Qualls, R. 2021. A Review of the Complementary Principle of Evaporation: from the Original Linear Relationship to Generalized Nonlinear Functions. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 25:63-68. Online
Czap, N., Czap, H., Lynne, G., Burbach, M. Farm Bill 2013: An experimental investigation of conservation compliance. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.
De Figueiredo Silva, F., Perrin, R. K., Fulginiti, L., Burbach, M. (2021). Does engagement improve groundwater management? Water Economics and Policy, 7(2), 1-32. Online
Delozier, J., Burbach, M. (2021). Boundary spanning: Its role in trust development between stakeholders in integrated water resource management. Current Research in Environmental Sustainability, 3, 1-10. Online
Eaton, W. M., Brasier, K. J., Burbach, M., Whitmer, W., Engle, E. W., Burnham, M. (2021). A conceptual framework for social, behavioral, and environmental change through stakeholder engagement in water resource management. Society & Natural Resources, 34, 1111-1132. Online

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